Friday, December 2, 2016

Fly today - Arrive tomorrow (PALaging late na naman)

When I flew to Mindanao three weeks ago, I was late for about "10 minutes" to catch the PAL Express' closure of its boarding time for flight PR2530 bound for the Laguindingan Airport on my way to Cagayan de oro. I got late after I was entangled of almost 2-hour heavy traffic jam. While on my way to the airport, a heavy downpour suddenly occurred causing the flow of traffic to literally halt for more than an hour. What used to be a 10-minute ride unexpectedly became an almost 2-hour ride.

I was not reconsidered to board my 9:00 A.M. flight. I was told rather to rebook and was obliged pay P5,389.00 for the new plane ticket. I wondered why the check-in counter staff did not simply transfer me to the next flight to show goodwill considering that the situation was beyond my control and the plane was still around and pretty sure the passengers were still on the process of boarding the aircraft. Anyway, I paid for the ticket and waited long for the 2:20 P.M. next flight that was delayed eventually for about an hour.

After my trip to Bukidnon and Cagayan de oro City, I took again a PAL Express flight back to Manila.  This time I arrived at the Laguindingan Airport  2 hours earlier than my flight schedule. I was disappointed after an hour of idling in the airport that my flight would be delayed for more than "2 hours" due to the delayed arrival of turn-around aircraft from NAIA3.  PAL just apologized and gave each passenger a small bottled drinking water.

See, PAL Express and I had the same reasons of being late: I was due to traffic but was told to re-buy (they should stop calling it "rebook") expensive ticket. They got late also because of traffic but gave they only gave a bottle of water and an apology. It was unfair and very disappointing.

I supposed to fly back to Manila at 9:55 PM but was reset to 11:05 PM, then to 11:55, and finally took off around 12:00 past midnight and landed on NAIA3 at 1:40 AM. I took a yellow cab and arrived home at 2:30AM. Thus, I flew the day before and arrive the next day.

So stressed. 

Very tired. 

Very hungry.

What a long trip back home.


Friday, November 4, 2016

These bike clinic and bike trail are closer to nature and lots of fun

The Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub of Nuvali has been developed in the northwestern side of Calamba, Laguna. It is the latest outdoor fun in partnership with Specialized Philippines and it offers bike clinics for both beginners and intermediate riders.

Orientation is required for intermediate bikers, such as this group of cyclist being lectured by Mon Jocson, Camp N's Operation Manager. 

We were there on the opening day, 29 October 2016, and tried the 3.4 kilometer winding bike trail that traversed through and around the 6-hectare ground of Nuvali's Camp N

Bike trail tour coaches on bikes
The trail is filled with dips, bridges, and obstacles that will put to test the ability of bikers even to those who are already in advance level.  If you are not ready to tackle or not so brave enough, one can slow down in passing through or choose to skip any of the dips or obstacles and follow the detour instead.

It was raining few hours before we arrived at the place. So by the time we hit the trail, some portions of the trail already turned muddy and surprisingly it added to thrill. One has to master in choosing the right gear to void falling on the muddy puddle.

The guy skids and falls on the muddy portion and they burst out in laughter, amused of themselves having lots of fun.

Anyway, I did not worry much if I would fall because the ground appeared to be safe to drop down with your weight. Bikers are always required to wear those protective gears and these are available in Camp N for rent.

Margette poses with some of the muddy Specialized bikes used by the first batch of advance trail bikers. Behind her is a group of intermediate bikers exploring the Incubator trail of Camp N.
There will be at least 2 guides (coaches on bike) that will accompany a group of bikers touring the trail. These coaches will serve as guide, look out and will assist those who need help along the tour.

Biking the trail here is closer to nature, very healthy, and lots of fun

Water stations with disposable drinking cups were situated in some spots along the trail to help quench the thirst or re-hydrate the bikers.

Biking here is very friendly and entertaining. The topography and terrain is covered with green grasses and patches of shrubs. There is that portion of the trail that is hidden under the shade of trees and tall bamboos that will make you feel closer to the nature. While breathing the fresh, cool air and hear the rasping sound of bamboo leaves, I could feel that I was brought me back to my childhood experience when I used to ride my bike in the province - totally carefree and lots of fun.

If you want to make your child’s first bike ride very memorable, bring your kid to Camp N Incubator and Bike Hub where coaches or yourself can tutor your kid. Not only the kids, even grown-ups such as your spouse and siblings can also learn biking here. The place is actually designed for them and their company. You can also bring your friend or someone special to learn biking or tour Camp N’s wonderful bike trail.

A newbie rider being tutored on how to ride a bike safely while enjoying the fun. Visit Camp N and recreate this bonding moment with someone special.

To join the tour in the incubator trail and bike hub, it is required that the child must be at least 7 years old of age.

You don't need to bring your bike. Available at Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub are Specialized Bicycles like these MTB bikes.  Head gear and other body protection are also available for additional rental fee.

You can bring your own bike to Camp N Incubator and Bike Hub. If you don’t have a bike or that bringing a bike would be a hassle to you, Camp N provides the bike in all the bike clinics, including the rentals of helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves for an additional fee.

The bike trail is open daily
for bike clinics and tours

from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

To register for bike clinics and tour, contact World of Outbound at 0977-84-CAMPN(22676) or email to You can also make your group bookings to Camp N's other outdoor activities and for other inquiries here.

MUST READ: The trail map, policies and regulations, guidelines, and other features of Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub.  Click image to enlarge.

Where to find Camp N in Nuvali

Camp N is located on the northwestern side of Calamba City, extending next to the southernmost part of Sta. Rosa’s Nuvali park.  It is right beside the organic demo farm, Greens and Patches.  It can be accessed through Nuvali Main Road (Boulevard) and then right to Ecology Avenue, then left to Evolving Parkway (See Google map here). Camp N bike clinic and trail tour schedule is open daily.

How to get to Nuvali driving

For private vehicles, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit at the tollgate of Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa, Eton-Greenfield, or Canlubang/Silangan Industrial Park.   

How to get to Nuvali via public transportation

Pubic buses go to Nuvali from major hubs such as Makati, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and Balibago.  At Nuvali terminal, one can take the shuttle to Camp N.

Mon Jocson, the Operation Manager of Camp N, introduces to media representatives some of the features and the concept of Camp N Incubator and Bike Hub.
Margette with some of the trail coaches and bikers.
Here is the muddy and rocky portion of the trail. It is one of the tricky obstacles encountered by trail bikers. Here,  I realized the importance of changing your gear to a right setting.
Edgie after touring the trail with Specialized MTB bike




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