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McKinley Hill, BGC - How to get there

A night view of Tuscany along Upper McKinley Road of McKinley Hill, Taguig City
McKinley Hill is a 50-hectare development project of the Megaworld Corporation. It is situated just beside the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, between the C5 Road and Lawton Avenue. It is the part of Metro Manila where you can find the embassies of Britain, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, and several upscale residential project that include The Venice, McKinley Hill Village, McKinley Garden Villas, Stamford Executive Residences, Tuscany, Woodridge Residences, and Morgan Suites Executive Residences.   McKinley Hill is also home to three international schools: the Chinese International School Manila, the Enderun Colleges,  and the Korean International School Philippines.

1. Take the Citylink buses 

a.) C5 Route – Citylink bus operates C5 Road with route linking Eastwood City in Quezon City, McKinley Hill in Taguig City, and Newport City in Pasay City

b.) Magallanes/MRT Route Citylink bus has pick-up and Drop-off points for employees at the Magallanes MRT Station in San Lorenzo Place (Mantrade EDSA) to and from McKinley Hill. Schedule is customized based on demand of current locators.

2. Internal Shuttle

Internal shuttle services provide point to pint shuttling service within McKinley Hill.

The BGC shuttle bus and the e-trike. The latter is nowhere to be found now.
3. Jeepneys and buses

Take commuter jeepneys or buses with route going to Tulay of Guadalupe Nuevo in Makati City where you can take another jeepney with route from Guadalupe to Tenement or FTI or those plying the ikot route of C5 Road.

Typical jeepneys you can find in Metro Manila

Tell the driver to stop at the entrance gate of McKinley Hill. Tuscany is about a hundred meters away from the gate that you can simply walk your way to get there from C5 Road side entrance gate.

There is also a jeepney terminal behind the Shell Gas Station at the EDSA-Ayala Avenue intersection in Makati City. You take MRT ride and disembark at the Ayala MRT Station, then walk your way to the jeepney station nearby. Ride the Market-Market bound jeepney.  Then in Market-Market, proceed to the jeepney station near the Market-Market center fountain and take the C5 (Tenement or FTI) bound jeepneys and tell the driver to stop at the entrance gate of McKinley Hill (and proceed with the previous paragraph, above). 

These are the Ayala Avenue bound jeepneys (those behind) and Market-Market bound jeepneys (those at front) at the jeepney terminal behind the EDSA-Ayala Shell gas station.

The intersection of Ayala Avenue and EDSA in Makati where you can find the jeepney station and BGC shuttle bus station (hidden, just few meters to the right side of this picture).
4. Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV)
Customized transportation service for clients within McKinley Hill. Service vehicles are stationed at the McKinely Hill transportation terminal. It provides access to strategic transportation hubs within Metro Manila
5. Taxis
From McKinley, you can take a cab at the Taxi Bay near Two World Square and at the SM Aura grounds and at the Market! Market! From any point in Metro Manila, local taxis will bring you to McKinley Hill. 
Taxis in BGC
Taxi drivers know well the intricacies of Metro Manila web-like streets. They also know where those route with shorter distance, or find other ways to detour at times when streets are choked with bad traffic flow.

6. Habal-habal (Motorcycles)

Though considered illegal by the LTO and the LTFRB, the fastest mode of transport to get to McKinley Hill is by means of "habal-habal" motorcycles. They are anywhere around the perimeter of BGC.

Enterprising drivers of habal-habal (single motorcycle ride) have established their informal station at the foot of the stairs of the eastern side Ayala/Edsa MRT station.

The informal station of habal-habal (for-hire-motorcycle ride) at the foot of the stairs on the eastern side of Ayala/Edsa MRT station. 

Single ride is from P40.00 to P50.00 one way from EDSA to McKilley Hill. The driver will lend you extra helmet for your protection and in compliance with the LTO Ordinance of strictly requiring the motorcycle driver and its passengers to always wear helmet when riding motorcycle.

The habal-habal ride along Ayala Avenue extension road  to McKinley road going to BGC.

Actually, you can find habal-habal anywhere around the perimeter of BGC and nearby districts or barangays. You need, however, to ask a local to tell how to spot them. Try asking at the tricycle station or jeepney station, chances are people there will help you find one or point you to where to possibly find a habal-habal.

Just in case you're stranded due to stalled traffic, look for habal-habal and my advise again is to make sure that the driver has an extra helmet for you to put on to keep you safe and tell the driver to drive not too fast to make sure you'll arrive in one piece. - Ingat!

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