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Pairing wines at Planet Grapes - An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour

Planet Grapes introduces their concept of pairing wine with Pinoy street foods themed as "wine meets street food."
Ian Madera of Mercato Centrale models the  last serving of imported red wines we sampled.
In the sneak preview of the Awesome Secret Foodies Tour we toured the upscale dining places of Tuscany in McKinely Hill, BGC.  I was with the gang of local food bloggers covering the food sampling marathon. The first door that swung open in the tour was that of Planet Grapes

These glass goblets are awaiting the next lucky group of An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour this December.  Hurry up, call now and get your chance to have the limited slots. For inquiries and reservations, dial these numbers:  709-0888 / 709-9888  / 0917-838-0111 (Globe Telecome). Did I say "hurry up now!"?

It was all about wine and wine pairing. For me, the wines served became my second set of conditioning, after my first conditioning of a kilometer body warming walk from Lawton Avenue to the Tuscany.

RJ Ledesma, co-founder of Mercato Centrale with representative of Planet Grapes introduces to the selected few foodie bloggers the concept of  Planet Grapes' "wine meets street food." Everybody  aimed their lenses at the dimly lite table laid with the pulutan of the night. 

It cleansed my palate and reconditioned my guts for the rest of the tour that I never thought would be a marathon of sampling plenty of gourmet foods from eight different restaurants just in a span of about 4 hours.  It was first of a kind and so great!

The quirky wine vending machine is operated by inserting a wallet-size card so you could dispense the precious wine.    
The place is something that wine connoisseurs in Manila worth checking out. Planet Grapes features a quirky wine vending machine operated by inserting a wallet-size card and pressing a soft touch button for a desired amount of wine to dispense with into your goblet. 

If you take a closer look at the prices for each fill, you're assured that you will get seven times seven the value of your joining fee in the tour. That's why it's called An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour! 

It has a wide selection of great tasting wine all over the world, some of which are sourced directly from the country that manufactures distinctive wine. Its extensive roster of choices will surely delight wine drinking customers. 

Don’t worry if you are not expert about wines.  Wine connoisseur is on standby to help or guide you through and answer any question about their wines. They are very much eager to talk with you and tell you about the art of drinking wine. 

Mr. Benjamin Bailleux, the Operations and Business Development Director of the Planet Grapes (photo left) explained to us the best kind of wine to pair with oily or fatty-riched pulutan.  He recommended the "refreshing wines" or the ones that are quite sour or simply sip juice extract  of freshly squeezed calamansi or lime.  

Edgie with Ian Madera of Mercato Centrale
The pulutan of the night is influenced by traditional Pinoy street foods  
We sampled first the wines and it was perfect for the street foods they served – the pairing was dubbed as “wine meets street food.”  To finish our stay and to set as ready for the next door, we sampled the red wines with must degustation.

The galore of "wine meets Pinoy street foods" - you can have the popular Metro Manila sidewalk delicacies of balut sa puti, siomai, and kekiam 
The famed balut sa puti is in the center stage among the pulutan (food served with the wines)  
What looks like cheese fondue and a bowl of chicharon baboy (pork crackling)
Planet Grapes can be contacted at (02) 551-3731. You can also send a message to info@planetgrapes.com.ph.  Visit also its website at www.planetgrapes.com.ph. 

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