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Main Street could be your first and the best Canadian inspired hangout - An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour

Main Street is a long-time wish that came true for it's owner and managing chef, Adam Tacderas-Tan. He used to be a Canadian-based restauratuer before he decided to bring home his dream on the food strip in Tuscany, McKinley.
It seemed that my tummy's earlier preconditioning kilometer walk from 5th Avenue in BGC to Tuscany of McKinley Hill and my occasional swigging of wine shots were good to last only for the first half of this awesome food tour.  I started to worry that I might not be able to make it through the remaining two restaurants. 

On the center stage of the Main Street are the Canadian classic fries and the Wagyu cheese burger. My fellow awesome secret foodie bloggers train their lenses at the Canadian traditional comfort foods.

With the group of invited few foodie bloggers,  I just finished my share of raiding the sixth restaurant before we strolled again down the alley to the Main Street for the seventh set of dinner. 

Our fondness in exquisite foods persisted.  Much to our delight when we learned that Main Street is the first Canadian resto in Metro Manila serving traditional Canadian comfort foods. The specialty here are French-Canadian hybrid culinary delights. 

My curiosity on how Canadian foods taste like enliven again my appetite.  This time no need for conditioning. 

Main Street's poutine or the Canadian classic fries, regularly priced at P85.00 per serving. So affordable from a great  dining place.

First, we were served with the Main Street's poutine or the Canadian classic fries.

Every time we pulled a stick of potato fries, the melted cheese curds stretches into yarn similar those of freshly baked Italian pizzas.
The thick potato fries are crisp even though it had been immersed for a long while in thick brown sauce (beef gravy) with melted cheese curds. It was explained to us that the fries was prepared traditionally, the Canadian way. Its a perfect pair, or we say pulutan, for a bottle of Main Street's frosting beer below zero.  

You can have a frosted bottle of imported Heneken lager beer, Hoegaarden wheat beer, Blue Moon Belgian white beer, or Stella Artois pale lager beer, Canada Dry, etc.

Of course, local beers are also available, like the frosted San Miguel's San Mig Light beer.  

poutine (Canadian fries) with a bottle of frosted San Mig Light beer, a perfect beer match.
The good reasons why you should drop by to see this place and make it your new hang out or rendezvous are listed here.
Main Street also serves crab cakes, crab burgers, pork belly, chicken wings, home made ice cream, and the frosting pride of beer below zero.   This particular resto in Tuscany food strips, can be your best hang out with your balikbayan barkadas or relatives from Canada, or with your Canadian friends who are not yet accustomed to local or any Asian dish and beverages.

Main Street's P390 Wagyu cheese burger. Premium ground beef for a special burger. So thick it can be served four. 
The Main Street also served us a sample of its P390 Wagyu cheese burger, which has kitayama beef in sesame bun and served with tomato relish, cheddar cheese and house sauce. Its thick ground beef burger patty is not served for you to see the premium beef's fine marbled meat but as a well fried ground beef patty that is still moist and juicy inside.

Skewered quarter of Wagyu cheese burger 
The restaurant is a long-time wish that came true. It's owner and managing chef, Adam Tacderas-Tan, used to be a Canadian-based restauratuer before he decided to bring home his dream on the food strip in Tuscany, McKinley. While still in Canada, he enjoyed spending his afternoons on Main Street of Vancouver, where he got the name of his own dining place in Tuscany, McKinley, The Fort, Taguig City.  
Do you think Chef Adam Tacderas-Tan (in white collared shirt) is taking order through sign language from RJ Ledesma (in green shirt)? It seems RJ is asking for ten bottles of frosted beer for the next day. No, it's not. I'm just kidding. RJ was actually introducing this young owner and managing chef to us in this photo.  

He brought here and offers magnificent culinary  pieces of traditional Canadian comfort foods, and of course, very cold beers. He made it available for the first time here in Metro Manila, specially for Filipino diners who look for a new twists to old favorites.

If you could no longer catch the next set of An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour,  just drop by to see this place and make it your new hang out or rendezvous.  Here, the foods and beers are awesome, even after the tour has long gone.     

Main Street can be contacted at (0917) 815-8187. You can also send a message to

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