Sunday, October 19, 2014

Giant pork sisig featured in the opening of the second BIG BITE

In Pampanga, the Marquee Mall of Angeles City hosted again the BIG BITE!, a three-day Northern Food Festival.
The giant pork sisig being cooked in the Marquee Park by a team of chefs and CHM students from Systems Plus College Foundation.
On its opening last October 17, 2014, a big mass of minced pork sisig was cooked on a giant stainless steel pan at the Marquee Park by a team of chefs headed by a Capampangan celebrity chef, Sau Del Rosario. With him cooking the giant sisig are  chef Jam Melchor and chef Bong Sagmit with the help of  HRM students of Systems Plus College Foundation headed by Dean Rennier Perez.

The giant pork sisig was made possible by cooking up 225 kilograms of pisngi and tenga ng baboy (cheeks and ears of pig) in 11-feet-in-diameter pan with 60 kilograms of atay ng manok (chicken liver), 5 sacks of onion, 2 sacks of fresh calamansi fruits, 5 gallons of soy sauce, and 10 kilos of red ripe siling Taiwan - not siling labuyo (Philippine bird’s eye chili) as told earlier by the organizers. Siling Taiwan is a species of chili that is bigger but less pungent compared to the real siling labuyo.

RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale hosting the event.
The food festival lasted for three-days on the grounds of MarQuee Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga, from October 17 to October 19, 2014.

Mr. Mark Sablan, the Senior Division Manager and General Manager of Marquee Mall, formally welcomes everyone who attends the kick-off of the second Big Bite.
Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintua recalls how sisig originated in Angeles City, Pampanga as his way of formally capping off the opening of the 3-day BIG BITE! northern food festival.
(For the same story on how sisig originated, see my other related post
College of Hospitality Management (CHM) students of Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF) who helped prepare the ingredients and cook the giant pork sisig are now holding plates of calamansi and sili (hot chili) as final garnishment to the sisig.
The Capampangan pisngi at balugbug babi (cheek and ear of pig) are parboiled then grilled  before they are minced into pieces.

The minced pork parts and sliced red chilies (siling Taiwan, not siling labuyo as inadvertently identified by the  organizers and host of the event), are manually readied for cooking.

The CHM students of SPCF chopping the pork into tiny bits and pieces.

The organizers, chefs, and guests of the BIG BITE perform the symbolic strewing of sliced chilies and calamansi fruits as the final missing piece to the giant pork sisig  

The pork sisig is now ready for sharing
Chef Sau del Rosario serving a helping of sisig to Mayor Ed Pamintuan and wife, Mrs. Herminia Pamintuan 
The cooked pork sisig being served on wooden plates appeared to be  tenderized  well and browned due to overcooking. But still yummy.

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