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The chocolate world of Café Maxims - Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

A galore of Cafe Maxims' heavenly chocolate cakes sampler we tried at the Chocolate Festival in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Café Maxims named this luscious piece a Mary Jane (PHP230.00).  Yes, like you, I wonder why the name. Is it made of weed? Go to the Newport Mall right now and find the answer or visit any of the Café Maxims branches in Metro Manila. The taste is so mesmerizing and I'm sure you will not bother to ask anymore why the name.    
The flourless chocolate (PHP230.00) of Cafe Maxims. After my first bite, I fell in love with it almost instantly.   It's so smooth and melts right away in my mouth that it went straight to my heart.  What a love at first bite.
The white chocolate macadamia mousse (PHP230.00) in chocolate polka dots
The chocolate layers of el ferrero cake (PHP190.00) of Café Maxims is perfect for coffee break.
The Valhrona double chocolate tart (PHP230.00) of Café Maxims
This dark caraibe (PHP190.00) of Café Maxims is another piece to feel in love with.
The chocolate carrot cake (PHP90.00) & coconut cake (PHP90.00) disguising as muffins .

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Chocolate carving exhibit at Newport Mall this September 2014

A batch of chocolate artists from Marriot Cafe (Manila) presents their precast sculptures of The Walking Dead TV series characters, which they put on the finishing touches on stage during the chocolate festival in Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. The chocolate carvings of  gun-totting sheriff and the grisly-looking zombie carvings is their anticipated presentation for upcoming Halloween season inspired by the awaited Season 7 episodes of that favorite zombie TV series.   

Seriously, I wanna bite first these zombies. That was when I saw and shot them in the Newport Mall last week.

Then I heard somebody  saying he wanted to kiss the chocolate artist who created them. 

These chocolate zombies are in real danger of getting devoured by human onlookers. I expect the inevitable story of "The Walking Dead Eaten by Those Alive" to unfold soon

Jae Louise Cortiñas is the patissier and chocolatier of Marriott Hotels & Resorts Manila. She helps mold the chocolate carvings of The Walking Dead characters. Well, if you can find Andrew Lincoln, can you guess where am I in the picture.

Jae does the manicure while Jayvee does the make-up on the canvass.
Jae Louise Cortiñas shaving off chocolate from the nape of  Norman Reedus.
Jae polishes her finishing touch.

The gun-totting sheriff and the living dead sculpted and painted creations of Marriot Cafe chocolate artists.
The team leader of Marriot Cafe chocolate artists is too busy and focused on doing the finishing touches and installing their sculptures to the point that he could no longer answer to some of our questions.
Jayvee Socrates of Marriot Manila with his chocolate rendetion of The Walking Dead - a chocolate painting featuring Lauren Cohan's zombie mode.
Margette poses with the chocolate carving busts of the late comedian actor Dolphy Quizon, the erstwhile 1950's and 1960's  American famous pin-up girl Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean of the 1955 famous American film The Rebel Without a Cause. The chef-con-artist probably ran out of time to complete carving the chocolate busts of local actress and TV host, Cris Aquino; the former U.S. president, John F. Kennedy; and the "King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley or were sold out before the exhibit.
In this photo, guess who would really give the grisly bite. My wife or the Gargoyle?
The Gargoyle - A gargoyle is a grotesque statue that is carved out of stone, usually granite, and is used to get rainwater away from a building.  As ornaments, gargoyles are called chimera or boss.  These pieces are believed to protect those that they guard from evil or harmful spirits.

Chocolate Festival in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila this September 2014

In celebration of Resorts World Manila’s 5th anniversary, the Newport Mall is proud to bring the Chocolate Festival this September.

Newport Mall's Chocolate Festival in Resorts World Manila's 5th anniversary.

The following texts in white are from the website of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.  All photos and captions are by Edgie Polistico of the Philippine Food Illustrated.

Delight Your Senses at Newport Mall’s Chocolate Festival.

Chocoholics can rejoice once more as another mouthwatering celebration of all things chocolate awaits them at Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila this September.

Newport Mall's Chocolate Festival in Resorts World Manila.

From decadent selections of confections and treats to delightful chocolate-infused dishes and amazingly-delicious masterpieces made from chocolates, Newport Mall’s Chocolate Festival, a sweet celebration of Resorts World Manila’s 5th anniversary, promises to spoil all chocolate-lovers with non-stop sugar rush until the end of the month.
The chocolate artists of Marriot Cafe (Manila) with their chocolate sculptures and paintings of The Walking Dead TV series characters. Click or tap this photo to read and see more photos.
A galore of Cafe Maxims' heavenly chocolate cakes we tried at the Newport Mall's Chocolate Festival. Click or tap this photo to read and see more photos.

All set to give chocoholics a chocolatier dining experience are the different signature Chocolate Creations made by the chefs of participating Newport Mall and Resorts World Manila restaurants. 

The 1-minute cake is literally baked in microwave in one minute. You don't have to wait long to have a freshly baked chocolate pastry and have it embellished with your choice of toppings.
The heavenly bars of Belgian Chocolate

Wow, pick your bronuts now.

Bronuts with chunky choco chips

Available until Sept. 30, diners can have their fill of delicious and intricately-prepared chocolate-infused dishes and concoctions. 

These include popular cuisines that were given a chocolatier twist such as the Chocolate Maki Roll of Ginzadon, Prosperity Court’s Pizza alla Gianduja, a dessert pizza smothered with hazelnut spread and showered with Belgian chocolates, hazelnuts and tropical nut, and the Tempura Ice Cream and White Choco Wasabi of Genting Club.

A gift box of Café Maxims' serving of sliced choco buns and Mary Jane chocolate.
The colorful chocolate truffle buchi by Johnny Chow

Classic chocolate desserts and pastries made even more decadent are also available including the Divine Souffle Trilogy, a special dessert composed of three different chocolates prepared by Impressions, the sinful Chocolate Truffle Surprise Cake by Red Crab, Choco Lava by Marriott Café, Chocolate Bun by Café Maxims and the Double Chocolate Roll Cake of Remington Bar.

The tasty pastries of Eenie mini cupcakes and Cukay's cakes
The Oreo cookies of Eenie mini cupcakes and Cukay's cakes
Megaworld's Ms. Rachel Syfargo (in eyeglasses) & Mr. Glen Arvin Reyes taking their orders at the stall of Eenie mini cupcakes & Cukay's cakes in NewportMall
There are also local favorites made even more delectable with chocolates like Chocolate Truffle Buchi of Johnny Chow, Deep Fried Choco Buchi of Passion Restaurant, and Crisostomo’s Iday, a suman dipped in chocolate fondue. Heavenly chocolate cocktails and concoctions are also ready to treat chocoholics at Bar 180, The Terrace, Bar 360, TWG Tea, Passion, Genting Club, Johnny Chow, Marriott Café and more. 

Spread of assorted chocolate delicacies by the Food Bin 
One of the featured chocolate-oriented show
From Sept.19 to 28, chocoholics should be ready with their shopping bags as Newport Mall’s The Plaza transforms into a huge Chocolate Market, where they can explore different stalls offering all kinds of chocolates from the Philippines and all over the world, and a sweet selection of chocolate-infused pastries and treats. 

Nestle's chocolate crunch
I got my KitKat chunky peanut butter thickly coated with very delicious chocolate

And as an added treat, those who will visit the Chocolate Market on Sept.20 can witness a breathtaking culinary exhibition, where talented chefs will create and carve out masterpieces out of chocolates. Popular chocolate-themed movies will also be shown at the venue from Sept.20-28, from 7PM to 9PM, giving shoppers an added sweet dose of entertainment.

Fermented cacao chocolate products of Davao City's own Malagos Chocolate
The pizza alla gianduja by Prosperity Court

To make their whole Chocolate Festival experience even sweeter, guests can visit the Chocolate Exhibit at the ground floor.

Avoiding sugar? No problem. You can still have your sugar-free chocolates from Valor
An amazing showcase of artistry and culinary skills, the Chocolate Exhibit is open until Sept. 30 and features an awe-inspiring and mouthwatering display of sculptures and masterpieces made out of chocolates.

Pinoy themed chocolate bars of United 16 sweets & Chokoa
Patriotic chocolate bar of United 16 sweets & Chokoa
United 16 sweets & Chokoa advocating Pinoy sense, and promoting local tourism and environment awareness in a  sweet chocolatey style.
Available at the United 16 sweets & Chokoa stall in Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

For more information on Newport Mall’s Chocolate Festival, please call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at 709-0888, 709-9888 or 09178380111 or Resorts World Manila at 836-6333 and 908-8833

A gift idea of chocolate balls and rolls from Villa del Conte
The assorted flavored chocolate balls of Villa del Conte

Texts in white, above, are from the website of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls 

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For more about Pinoy foods, see also my OPEN & FREE food dictionary.

With valuable information, etymology, history, nutrition, how to cook it, culinary tips, how it is called in other dialects, and more...

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