Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Revitalized Tutuban Center reopens Central Mall and Prime Block

The newly renovated Tutuban Center of Divisoria Market, Manila is now open again for a renewed shopping experience.  The front building of the main mall has been remodeled, repainted, and restored its main entrance’s  vintage design and to conserve the heritage value of was left after of the 19th century’s  central train station. It still has the feature of brick walls and retained those century-old wrought iron pillars that would serve as your guide to the food court
Tutuban Center opens 
9:00 AM every day
The place is among the historical spots of Manila and a memorable place to  any one of us who might had been shoving elbows and pushing butts to win a bargain hunting adventure.  The small plaza fronting the Tutuban Center still features the controversial statue of Gat Andres Bonifacio erected by the National Historical Institute (NHI) in 1971. The monument was meant to mark the site where Bonifacio supposedly was born on Nov. 30, 1863 to which some critics pointed out was an error because he was actually born in a house on Calle Alvarado, in Binondo district, not in Tutuban of Tondo, Manila according to Manuel Artigas when he wrote the first Bonifacio biography published in 1911.  When Bonifacio was born, there was no railroad station yet in Tutuban at the time as the Manila-Dagupan Railroad Co. (later became the PNR) started operation only in 1882. 

Over the years, much of the railway operations were closed as a result of devastation from World War II, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and neglect.  The Tutuban Central Station stood idle and later transformed to become the Tutuban Centermall being that the building stood in the center of trading and bustling business district of Manila. Tutuban Centermall was closed to business after a fire hit the building in early morning (past midnight) of September 5, 2012 and lasted for 24 hours.
When the Ayala Land Inc. acquired in 2015 major stakes of the holding firm that owned and developed the Tutuban Centermall, it started the restoration and renovation of the building of what is now the revitalized Tutuban Center.  Some improvements were done inside, such that the cluster of stalls and alleys are now well organized, spacious and tidy, picnic tables are placed in the food courts, very clean toilets, and good air-conditioning facilities and lightings are provided.  Outside the building, an additional 150 parking slots has been built in its CMRecto paid parking area. The pedestrian and vehicular circulation across the development were also enhanced. 
With all the improvements and well-preserved vintage façade and color, the Tutuban Center is now again one of the top shopping destinations of Metro Manila.

In the Prime Block building, a cluster of stalls in level 3 introduced a well organized merchandize zoning where shoppers will find everything they want and need in each area.  There is the Anding’s Toys and Flowers which offers so much more. Anding is a big store that it occupies 18 stalls and offers almost everything, wonderfully varied items from party favors, garden accessories, and holiday decors. 
Other stalls in the Prime  Block also offers the long-time popular items of latest RTW, costumes, sleepwear, footwear, bags, fashion accessories, fabrics, patches, beads and other trimmings.

General  merchandise stores offer a wide array of home and personal items, hardware, cookware, school supplies, bath and toilet accessories, linens, curtains, home care and tools, and other household products.

Entrepreneurs and small business enterprisers can also get their supplies of cosmetics, personal care, grooming kits, spa and salon needs.
For your party and for the party planners, you can still find here that one-stop shop for colorful gift items, wall and table decorations, toys and games, and costumes accessories.  Just in time for the Halloween and the Yuletide season, even for the upcoming New Year celebration, the love heart’s days of February, wedding, children party, corporate launch or party, or any get-together or party celebrations.
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