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Alviera Camp Hero - the training camp for wannabe superheroes

Now on its second year of camping season, Alviera is announcing and accepting participants to Alviera Hero Camp to be held on October 15 to 16, 2016 (Saturday to Sunday). This year, camping experience is unique because it is themed as a training camp for wannabe heroes.

Yes, the Alviera Hero Camp is for those who dream to become a superhero as part of their lifetime. Here is your chance to become one by participating over a weekend of purposeful adventure and learning. Participants will experience the thrills of hero role-playing throughout their stay at the camp. They will learn and earn some of the attributes on what makes a hero.

Aspiring participants could be as young as 4 to 5 years old to join this zero-to-hero camp adventure experience in a campsite with an estimate capacity of 300 campers particularly for the events of Alviera Hero Camp.  

The camp will offer a Hero Training Crash Course for kids and those kids-at-heart in the Hero Basics 101.  Here, the participant is introduced to a short outdoor survival course led by expert adventurers and outdoor guides.

After deciding on a hero name, participants can complete the new identity at the Costume Crafting Corner. Here they can create their hero mask or jazz up their own hero costumes.

The KAPOW! Hero Combat Training will teach heroes some evil-fighting skills. Martial art masters will demonstrate and teach self defense moves practice on the spot. For their first task, the newly trained heroes will battle monsters through an outdoor archery maze in the Monster Obstacle Course of Aqtiv Archery.

When evening comes, there will be a Parade of Heroes where kids are wearing their hero costumes and can go trick-or-treat across the booths and tents at the campsite as an anticipated celebration of the Halloween .

If one has to look for galaxies to save far, far away, the Mind Museum will lead stargazing activities in the star-studded skies of Alviera.  It will be an exciting experience with astronomical experts guiding naked-eye stargazing with laser pointers and telescopic viewing of planets and the moon. In each one-hour activity, participants will learn about planispheres, astrolabes, orienteering with the stars, and identifying different constellations.

To make the evening awake, the campsite has a widescreen superhero movie shows for everyone to enjoy watching.

Day 2 activities will start with Breakfast of Champions. Wake up to a buffet fit for superheroes.  It is a special spread for campers who are ready to face the new day as the heroes they truly are.

Aside from all this excitements in the camp, the SandBox attractions will be open for visitors to rev up their hero training. That means the Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Adventure Tower’s free fall, rappel, wall climbing, plus Avatar One rollercoaster zipline are open for players. They can also have the outdoor archery, the children’s playground, and mini-golf course to try. SandBox has announced that for the first time, by the last quarter of this year (i.e. in October), it will have its night operation every weekend to the delight of many visitors because they will be enjoying the amenities minus the intense heat of the sun and to accommodate the expanding number of visitors. Everyone can enjoy day and night with the camping facilities.
SandBox will have its evening operations for the Hero Camp.

Its new hours will be from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Eventually, regular night operations will be launched in the latter part of the year.
The main event for the month of October would be the Halloween, where participants are given the chance to dress up in costumes for fun and that would be the best part of the occasion as they will gain something positive in dressing up and changing into costume. So instead of scaring each other as with Halloween, everyone is encouraged to do something better, the way a hero does. It will be a camping weekend filled with fun and thrills and for everybody to discover the superhero in them.

The campsite welcomes those who would come wearing their own superhero costumes. Everyone will get a chance to win Alviera prizes. All they have to do is to post on social media their best superhero photos in Alviera with hashtag, #ALVIERAHEROCAMP.

Being that safety is the top priority of SandBox, elaborate costumes will not be allowed when trying out SandBox attractions, particularly those that would restrict physical movements. As a precaution, it might be best to leave your secret identity in your vehicles or in your tents.

For practical reasons, those who would try SandBox attractions are required to be in perfect physical condition to enjoy the outdoor facilities. Pregnant women and people with health conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, and orthopedic problems, among others, are advised not to use the facilities.

Alviera Project DevelopmentAssociate Manager, Leo Grape introduces the October weekend Alviera Hero Camp during its launching last week.

Joining Alviera Hero Camp is not just for fun and make-believe heroes. The participants are actual heroes in deed being that this activity is a major supporter of HERO Foundation, which provides educational assistance to children and dependent siblings of Filipino soldiers killed in action or permanently incapacitated for performing their line of duty.  A portion of sales to the event will go to the scholarship fund of HERO Foundation. Some of these young scholars will be brought to at the campsite to enjoy along with the Alviera Hero Camp participants.

Alviera Hero Camp packages

Day Adventurer package (P2,150) -  use of four free Sandbox attractions:  Rollercoaster Zipline, Aerial Walk, Giant Swing, and Adventure Tower.

Hero Training Crash Course
·   Hero Basics 101
·   Costume Crafting Corner
·   KAPOW! Hero Combat Training
·   Monster Obstacle Course with Aqtiv Archery

Weekend Camper package (P2,950) - will include all day activities plus night activities:

·   Use of Sandbox attractions at night
·   Parade of Heroes
·   Superzoom Stargazing with the Mind Museum
·   Wham Bam Movies

Tickets are available at the Travel Factor
Alviera Project DevelopmentAssociate Manager, Leo Grape (white shirt), and Travel Factor Managing Director, Cedric Valera (green shirt) present the ALviera Hero Camp, the latest signature event from the master-planned sustainable estate in Porac, Pampanga. In partnership with Leonio Land. Alviera is an Ayala Land estate envisioned to become  regional growth center for Central Luzon.

What to bring to the event

·   Comfortable outdoor suit/attire like, pants and t-shirts. Please choose clothing appropriate to hot weather and worn tight to the body to avoid snagging on apparatus.
·   Wearing a pair of sneakers is suitable. Flipflops and sandals are not advisable in SandBox attractions.

You may also bring the following necessities:

·   Extra clothes and costume, in case you break into a sweat.
·   Reasonable amount of food and drinks.
·   Handheld fan
·   Sun block
·   Hat / cap / umbrella
·   sunglasses
·   face towel
·   wipes
·   hand sanitizer
·   personal medication (if needed)

The SandBox may require the signing of a general waiver and being subjected to a medical assessment prior to participate in activities.

Weekend Campers will be supplied with their own tents, but must bring their own beddings.

Food and cooking

Cooking is prohibited for safety reasons. Just bring an extra water bottle for refills and enjoy the tasty food and beverage selection of the Alviera Hero Camp. There will be some great food concessionaires on-site. Just bring enough cash for credits cards and ATM debit transactions may not be available yet in the Alviera compound.

Showers and toilet

There is an ample showers and toilet facilities for participants’ exclusive use at the camp. Sanitation, environmental care and of course, safety and security are all primary in Alviera.

Medical emergency concerns

The organizers assured the presence of an ambulance, physician and other medical attendants in the entire duration of the event. Those who are taking maintenance drug are advised to bring enough supply of personal medication.
Tickets are available at the Travel Factor

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