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MERCATO @ GLORIETTA - the first Picnic-Inspired Night Food Market

Mercato Centrale at Glorietta's Dolphin Park is a world-class Pinoy street food garden and the first picnic-inspired night food market that you can find right in the midst of Makati Central Business District. It opens on Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 PM till 3:00 AM past midnight.

Full-packed is the Mercato at Glorietta at the grounds of Ayala Center's Dolphin Park

Pinoy street foods that we usually see on ubiquitous makeshift food stalls along the corners and sidewalks in the busy streets of Metro Manila are given world-class definition by the Mercato Centrale with the participation of select food vendors that passed the high standard set forth by the organizers. 

Shabu-shabu dish
Shabu-shabu and choices of skewered seafood balls
Street foods galore
Here, at  the Mercato @ Glorietta in Ayala Center Makati you can enjoy Pinoy street foods that are clean, great tasting,  world-class, and very much affordable.

The opening last March 26, 2015 was attended by representatives from a number of foreign embassies in Metro Manila. The venue of the weekend night food market is at the open ground of Ayala Center's Dolphin Park right across the main entrance door of  the Ascott Makati Hotel and the Glorietta 4 Mall.

Attending the cutting of the ribbon in the opening ceremony of Mercato @ Glorietta are  RJ Ledesma, Mitch Dumlao (general Manager, Ayala Center), Ambassador Shri Lalduhthlana Ralte of India, Madame Lizia Lu of Israel, Consul Bill Christopher of the USA, Consul General Fortune Ledesma of Monaco,  Consul Evie Costa of Togo, Consul Helen Ong of Angola, Consul Mellie Ablaza of Guatemala, and Consul General Christian Hue of France, Consul Agnes Huibonhoa of Gambia, and Vanessa Ledesma
It is where you can find assortment of so many Pinoy BBQ delicacies, from isaw (IUD), betamax, helmet, adidas, pork BBQ, isaw ng baboy BBQ, chicken BBQ, and inasal.  You can also find here many kinds of inihaw that include squid, fish, and other seafoods, as well as the skewered yellow corn, hotdogs, kebabs, etc.

Crispy fried delicacies
Ihaw-ihaw (grilling)
Inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly)
You can also have pastas, dishes, sweets, cakes, burgers,  pizzas and other pastries and delicacies of international origin.
Isaw ng manok BBQ (Chicken intestine barbecue) a.k.a. I.U.D.
Fresh pusit (squid) for grilling
Inihaw na pusit (grilled squid) stuffed with shredded repolyo (cabbage) and seasonings
Of course, you can also have our very own boneless lechon, sisig, dinuguan, bopis, lechon kawali, bagnet, liempo, inasal, crispy crablets, ayungin, chicken skin chicharon, pritong isda, empanada Ilocodynamite chili, and many many more.
bangus ala pobre
bangus ala pobre

Patrons can enjoy their foods while listening to live music performances, white screen movies, and other entertainments. 

Feel the place as if you are on a picnic party. You can squat and dine on a spread of banig (woven mat) being laid on green carabao grass or gather around the circular  concrete bench of the big flower pots.

Dynamite chili
Baby back ribs
Cheesedog barbecue

opens on Thursdays and Fridays
from 4:00 PM till 3:00 AM past midnight.

Chicken inasal
Chicken barbecue
Chicken inasal
Honey glazed chicken

Mercato @ Glorietta is a great place to bring your family, friends, and someone special. It is also place for foreign and local tourists, expats, and balikbayans to experience Philippine food culture.

Inihaw na mais (broiled yellow corn)
Lasagna rolls up
One can find here the world-class version of Pinoy street foods, dishes, and delicacies. Mercatro Centrale is so proud that Cuisiner, one of the participating food vendors, was adjudged recently as the Tastiest Regional Specialty for Asia during the 2015 International Chowzter markets. Cuisiner is known for its best pork skewers barbecue.

These Pinoy chicken and pork specialties are either grilled or fried.
Tilapia for grilling
Boneless lechon of Timplador
The recently opened food market is the start of a great-tasting  partnership between Ayala Malls and the Mercato Centrale with the vision of bringing the Mercato Centrale experience to more Ayala Malls around the country.

Pizzas in various flavors and toppings

For more information, visit

Schmidst hotdogs

Pesto linguini
Tuna tomato and basil pasta
Spicy tuyo pasta

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