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LUMINARC VITRO most versatile cookware


Luminarc Introduces the new VITRO BLOOMING
Cooking in Full Happiness

video: Luminarc Vitro Cooking

Originating from France, the new VITRO BLOOMING is an extended range of Luminarc’s Vitro cookware collection made by Arc International, the world leader in glass tableware manufacturing.

New and Improved Design
VITRO Blooming is inspired by French morning blooming rosebushes (water drop on flower) with a newly improved lid & bigger ears which allows you to hold it easily. The improved rim design also prevents soup spilled when pouring and with the lid that fits inside the rim, you will not have to face with problems of spills when cooking.

The Material
Luminarc Vitro is made of Vitro-ceramic material which guarantees exceptional thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. The initial application of vitro-ceramic was originally used in partnership with NASA, for use on the exterior of space shuttles.

Versatility and Ease of Use in the Kitchen
Instead of separate cookware to boil, stew, steam, fry, roast and grill, Luminarc Vitro does it all, which can go from the freezer to the fire and directly to the table. Ideal for those who do not want the hassle of dishing food from cookware to serving ware, saving you time and less dishes to wash up later.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, it fits modern lifestyles making it a perfect addition to small and large kitchens.


Resistant to Thermal Shock
Vitro-ceramic can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 800°C and to tolerate fluctuations in temperature (up to 380°C), which means it can be transferred directly from freezer to oven or direct flame for reheating, thus saving precious time and energy. Furthermore, Luminarc Vitro has a warranty of 10 years that covers manufacturing and quality defects subject to usage in accordance to the use and care instructions. It does not cover wear and tear resulting from the normal aging of the product.

100% Hygienic / Non Porous
Luminarc Vitro is produced with the latest technology and made from pure and natural materials with extremely fine pores, anitbacterial, odor and stain free, making your food 100% safe and hygienic for consumption.

Luminarc Vitro collection is available at SM, Robinson’s, Landmark, Metro Department stores, in Metro Manila and other major home department stores nationwide.

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About Luminarc
Assisted by inspiration from consumer’s expectations, often up-to the minute, Luminarc offers a wide variety of modern, functional and original collections of tableware assorted from dinnerware, glassware and other accessories. Luminarc enjoys revealing all the secrets of the art of entertaining around the table.

Luminarc Products are exclusively distributed by KLG International, Inc. 

For inquiries, please contact:
Margaret Tieng
Marketing Manager
KLG International, Inc.

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