Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chocolate carving exhibit at Newport Mall this September 2014

A batch of chocolate artists from Marriot Cafe (Manila) presents their precast sculptures of The Walking Dead TV series characters, which they put on the finishing touches on stage during the chocolate festival in Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila. The chocolate carvings of  gun-totting sheriff and the grisly-looking zombie carvings is their anticipated presentation for upcoming Halloween season inspired by the awaited Season 7 episodes of that favorite zombie TV series.   

Seriously, I wanna bite first these zombies. That was when I saw and shot them in the Newport Mall last week.

Then I heard somebody  saying he wanted to kiss the chocolate artist who created them. 

These chocolate zombies are in real danger of getting devoured by human onlookers. I expect the inevitable story of "The Walking Dead Eaten by Those Alive" to unfold soon

Jae Louise Cortiñas is the patissier and chocolatier of Marriott Hotels & Resorts Manila. She helps mold the chocolate carvings of The Walking Dead characters. Well, if you can find Andrew Lincoln, can you guess where am I in the picture.

Jae does the manicure while Jayvee does the make-up on the canvass.
Jae Louise Cortiñas shaving off chocolate from the nape of  Norman Reedus.
Jae polishes her finishing touch.

The gun-totting sheriff and the living dead sculpted and painted creations of Marriot Cafe chocolate artists.
The team leader of Marriot Cafe chocolate artists is too busy and focused on doing the finishing touches and installing their sculptures to the point that he could no longer answer to some of our questions.
Jayvee Socrates of Marriot Manila with his chocolate rendetion of The Walking Dead - a chocolate painting featuring Lauren Cohan's zombie mode.
Margette poses with the chocolate carving busts of the late comedian actor Dolphy Quizon, the erstwhile 1950's and 1960's  American famous pin-up girl Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean of the 1955 famous American film The Rebel Without a Cause. The chef-con-artist probably ran out of time to complete carving the chocolate busts of local actress and TV host, Cris Aquino; the former U.S. president, John F. Kennedy; and the "King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley or were sold out before the exhibit.
In this photo, guess who would really give the grisly bite. My wife or the Gargoyle?
The Gargoyle - A gargoyle is a grotesque statue that is carved out of stone, usually granite, and is used to get rainwater away from a building.  As ornaments, gargoyles are called chimera or boss.  These pieces are believed to protect those that they guard from evil or harmful spirits.

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