Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finding authentic gourmet bagels and more pastries in L.E.S. (Lower East Side) - An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour

When we found the place of L.E.S (Lower East Side) Bagels, we thought it was our last stop of the tour as we are now going to have lots of sweet pastries aside from the gourmet bagels. 

To moderate your lust on tasty pastries, just remember that this is not your last stop of the tour
Cubes of irresistible brownies. A must try. Don't loss counting by keeping all the used toothpicks aside. 
Espresso hazelnut brownie and raspberry cheesecake brownie
I supposed, it was a mistake that we came in here early that part of the tour and munched cubes of brownies. The brownies were so irresistible, much more when you realized that in each cube there's big chunk of chocolate mass. It served us good as an after-meal dessert. 

Freshly baked bagels stuffed with authentic New York cheese creams
Various blends of tasty cheese creams from plain, salmon, berries, to herbaceous greens

The freshly baked bagels slathered with authentic New Yorker's deli spread had expanded in my tummy that I could sense it was getting almost full. Of course, we were not whining. How could you with all those blessings just waiting your fingers to pick them up and stuff them in your mouth.  What really was in my mind is to have more of this until it was late for me to realize that we were just halfway in that awesome dining tour.  I almost forgot to reserve some space in my tummy for the next resto in this awesome secret foodies tour.    

A fellow foodie blogger, Ms. Cheryl Golangco of When in Manila listens closely to the chef while having her piece of great tasting bagel.
Click to enlarge and read what Chef Cuit says about his favorite bagels
By the way, L.E.S. Bagel's slection of gourmet bagels and cream cheese concoctions are fresh off the mill and oven. Because of what we experienced in this one-night-stand food tour, we can vouch that the combinations are really mouth watering and irresistible!  L.E.S. Bagel has the basic blueberry, sesame, chocolate, and wheat bagels slathered with tasty cheese blends from salmon, berries, to herbaceous greens.  

Home made dough nuts

They also served coffee, other delicious pastries, home-made cookies, and various blend of cheese creams.   

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