Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Riverview Royale Hotel of Aparri, Cagayan - It was good that I chose to stay here.

The last time I had been to Aparri, Cagayan was last September 2013.  I took the AirPhil 11:00 AM flight to Tuguegarao City from NAIA 3.  

After an hour, the plane landed in Tuguegarao City. Because I only had a hand-carried backpack, I went through the arrival area went out the terminal then took a tricycle ride going to the highway which was just about 300 meters away from the airport gate. At the highway, I took a commuter van to Aparri  and got there after 2 hours and 20minutes of travel along the Cagayan Valley Road.  

When the commuter van approaches the town proper of Aparri, I spotted the Riverview Royale Hotel on the left side of the road.  I told the driver to pull over and I disembarked and went to check the hotel.
The road going to the town proper of Aparri, Cagayan from Tuguegarao City. The town proper is more than half a kilometer away from the hotel. Tricycles are the most reliable mode of transportation  around town, to and from the hotel. 
The road going to Tuguegarao City from the town proper of Aparri, Cagayan
The view of Cagayan River as seen through the window of Room 302
The receptionist granted my request to have a room viewing. I found the rooms sparkling  clean and do not smell bad. No traces of cigarette smoke. The tiled floor and the toilet are clean. 

I took the available room at the uppermost floor where I could have a good look at the Cagayan River through the window. 

It was good that the multi-function hall next to my room has no activity for the night. Otherwise, my stay in Room 302 would be bothered by the noise of the people gathering in the hall and by the sound system.

However, the room has no telephone or intercom. So, if you want to connect to the front desk, you have to go downstairs or call the receptionist through your cellular phone.  I did go downstairs that night when I needed a bottle of drinking water and a can of soda from the restaurant of the hotel at the ground floor.

After conducting my business around the town of Aparri that afternoon and the next day, I realized that I was lucky that I chose to stay at the Riverview Royale Hotel.  It was the newest and cleanest hotel in town at that time.

The multi-function hall at the 3rd Floor of the hotel. That door in the middle leads to Room 302 (right) and Room 301 (left) and the exit door and stairway. 
My overnight stay in Room 302.  
Room rates as of September 2013
Contact numbers of the Riverview Royale Hotel in Aparri, Cagayan

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