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The flaunting Mexican flavors of B&T Mexican Kitchen - An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour

Visit this wonderful place of great Mexican flavor in Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
With our stomach hall full from the first two great bar and restos in Tuscany, McKinley Hill, we moved to our third destination - the B&T Mexican Kitchen - where lively and energetic ladies welcome us with a hearty smile and sumptuous array of Mexican foods.  Dining here is one of my great experience in the sneak preview of the An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour.

The Mexican way of serving foods is impressive and very familiar being that this country was once under the colony of Spain for 333 years. In those years, Mexican clerics and missionaries spread their culture and traditions in our land, including of course their kind food and their desire for spicy tastes that eventually modified by us Pinoys and enriched our food culture. But this time in the B&T Mexican Kitchen, we were served with and experienced original Mexican dishes and delicacies.

Vamos a comer!

Chipotle chicken pizza
Mango glazed habeƱero chicken

Ola! The ladies are showing off an array of great Mexican dishes and their big smiles. 

The exotic Mexican flavors excite our palate that included the classic staples of crunchy nachos with three kinds of dippings. There's also a  mango glazed habanero chicken. In another plate are several pieces of the smaller version of wet burritos they called flautas. It's a rolled taco resembling a flute (flauta in Mexican-Spanish) of actual size and served with lots of taco salad.

A glass of milky-colored horchata, the traditional Mexican ground rice beverage

An upsize wet burritos
They also put a slice of chipotle chicken pizza in our dining plate and a glass of milky-colored horchata on the side. I just learned from the host that horchata is the traditional Mexican beverage. It is made with ground rice and specially favoured with almonds. I mistook the taste of this smooth drink as having milk but I was told it has no milk in it. 

An al fresco two-seater dining tables at the verandah of B&T Mexican Kitchen

There were sets of al fresco two-seater dining tables at the veranda where a couple enjoyed a serving of B&T signature drink they called Mexican bulldog.  

It's a combination of tequila and margarita being served in a deep big glass bowl, strewn with ice cubes and one bottle of very cold Corona beer tilted upside down in the bowl. Though other Mexican beers can also be of your choice. The bottle was purposely placed in that position to dispense icy beer automatically after every sip of the concoction. This reminds me of chicken feeding bottle turned upside-down. Probably, the Mexicans got this idea from tending their gamecocks.

The Mexican bulldog 

A platter of gigante pork ribs, bottles of imported beers, California burger with nacho chips , and other  Mexican specialties. You must be very hungry or make yourself a big eater to have all these. Yeeeehah!
On our way out the restaurant, a long table set with lots of Mexican foods caught my attention. I grabbed and sampled the Jalapeno popper that looks similar with the Pinoy dynamite chili (a.k.a. barako finger).

The Mexican Jalapeno popper that looks similar with the Pinoy dynamite chili (a.k.a. barako finger)

It was fiery hot and realized after having a bite that all the seeds in it are intact -  wooh, spicy hot!  Nevertheless, I munched the whole piece with puffing in between chews. Half-frozen Corona beer was a good idea to wipe out the pangs. The beer was also there on the table. Nice. Muchas gracias!

B&T Mexican Kitchen is full house. There are little more spaces available upstairs in the mezzanine.

All the food in B&T Mexican Kitchen are great. I plan to come back here one day and have more of those Mexican flavors and upsize servings. Hasta la vista!

For a private reservation, you can call B&T Mexican Kitchen at 221-63453 or at (0917)896-9939.

RJ Ledesma (standing left) and Anton Diaz (standing right), both co-founders of Mercato Centrale, mingling with the gang of local food bloggers
Edgie with other foodie bloggers, now a kilo more heavier, but still rearing to raid the next resto in this one-night-stand awesome secret foodies tour. Also in the crowd are Az Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland Blog and Enzo Luna of Juan Manila Express. Also in the picture  are Ashley Roberto (in pink) of The Rogue Writer, and Barbie  
Az Coladilla and Anton Diaz

B&T Mexican Kitchen can be contacted at (02) 216-3453.  Visit also its Facebook account at facebook.com/AwesomeBurritoAndTacos
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