Sunday, December 8, 2013

Marciano's authentic, flavorful Italian foods are magnificó - An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour


After about three times of passing by through and through the alley of our sixth destination in the tour, at last we finally made a stop and entered the door of Marciano's in Tuscany, McKinley Hill (Taguig). This time, most of us were either already tired of eating nice stuffs in the first five restaurants or too tired to walk in our tour along the food strips of Tuscany. It's no wonder why one would easily tire walking on less than a hundred meter long walkway. Blame it on our replete bellies

Some of my fellow Secret Foodie Tour bloggers managed to quickly metabolize and use the energy from their huge calorie intake.  But still, few gave up and sat around lazily and it's just matter of who would budge to go home ahead and these guys will surely follow.

Cheesy four season Italian pizza. A 12 inches round pizza partitioned into pepperoni, mushroom, seafood, and four-cheese flavors
But still many of us could not resist to take one or two bites of the big cheesy four season Italian pizza offered by the friendly and very accommodating attendants of Marciano's.  The taste was really great and flavorful. 

Woody Allen Linguine pasta

Then later came a plate of Woody Allen Linguine pasta with a bottle of chilled red iced tea.  

Dow Jones steak of authentic U.S. T Bones with Hungarian sausages


Then followed a serving platter of medium rare Dow Jones steak, with sausages, mashed potatoes, grilled fresh white onions, zucchini, and bell peppers on the side. I was among those rearing to finish the marathon of dining gourmet foods in Tuscany.

Marciano's sealed the awesome dining experience with shot glasses of creme brulee as after-meal  dessert

Creme brulee in shot glasses

So as to continue the joy of eating awesome food, some fellow bloggers packed their share of pizzas in to go boxes and brought their loot home.

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