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Magical Field of Lights - a treat for the whole family and your gang of friends

It’s the first of its kind in Ayala Land estate. The Magical Field of Lights is the latest attraction in Nuvali that showcases the swaying and throbbing colorful streaks of laser beams and LED lights as if they are dancing to the beats and rhythm of enjoyable 5-minute medley Yuletide tunes. Thousands of LED light bulbs are laid densely on the field like a garden of crystals among the fallen stars.

The swaying and throbbing colorful streaks of laser beams.
LED light bulbs laid densely on the field like a garden of crystals among the fallen stars
Magical Field of Lights YouTube video

The sparkles are magical, piercing through billows of white smoke that serve as white canvass for those playful lights artfully painted in the air. Everyone is awed by the illumination. Watch out for that part when you can see that mini-version of aurora borealis light of swirling psychedelic laser beams.

Playful colorful lights artfully painted in the air.
Sparkles and glares on billows of white smoke.

The show is flaunting those colorful lights, programmed to pulsate alternately or in unison. Played along with the lights are two sets of Christmas medley tunes that magically add more flavor in the air.
The 50-meter light tunnel, Christmas trees of lights, dandelion of lights, and other light installations.

Be sure to bring along your someone special. Firmly hold hands together, or wrap your arms around that lucky one and you’ll be transported to the magical side of paradise in Nuvali. It will surely be a one-of-a-kind holiday treat experience.

Magical Field of Lights YouTube video

Important rules. Please take time to read. Click image to enlarge.

Magical Field of Lights YouTube video

Before or after the magical show of lights, you can stroll around the field and enjoy another magical moment by passing through the 50-meter light tunnel. Other attractions you can find in that grass-carpeted open field  are Christmas trees of lights, dandelion of lights, and other light installations. A Christmas fair would showcase also traditional Filipino Christmas treats, such as bibingka and the purple puto bumbong.

Ayala Malls Solenad

This magical Ayala Land’s signature of lights and sound will be shown to more cities and communities. Such that the people of Makati enjoyed lately the grandeur of Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sounds Show - a spectacular holiday display of dancing lights and sounds hanging and wrapping around those big trees in the Ayala Triangle Garden.

The Magical Field of Lights in Nuvali 
is ongoing until January 08, 2017.
The show will run every 30 minutes
from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. daily

Nuvali Christmas Bazaar at Ayala Malls Solenad

As a guest in Nuvali, you can partake also the other festivities. You can take your time to visit the Nuvali Christmas Bazaar at Ayala Malls Solenad and pick some of those featured unique goods from Laguna or find yourself enjoying a bargain sale of modern gift items at the Christkindl Market until the end of December.

Nuvali Christmas Bazaar at Ayala Malls Solenad

On the other side of Nuvali one can find several more activities ideally for family bonding, or for a group of actively outgoing barkadas or tropa, friends, and for other weekenders. You can have the off-road biking and running trails of approximately 50 kilometers long, a multifunctional lake where you can relax watching the scenic greens around, the colorful fishes, or enjoy boat rides. 

Watching Moana in the cinema of Ayala Malls Solenad.
Free tickets for two of us to watch Moana at the Ayala Malls Solenad.

There’s also the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. Nearby is the Camp N outdoor sports adventure and talents incubator and camping area. You can stay in Seda Hotel for a relaxing Yuletide staycation in any of its 150 hotel rooms.

The residents, employees, and visitors of Nuvali, watch out soon, you will be treated of more spectacular shows with the help of other sponsors, such as Estate Water, Qualimed Hospital, Amaia Steps Parkway, Ayala Malls Solenad, and Nestle Kitkat

A treat at Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria, an Italian resto just beside the Ayala Malls Solenad.
Enjoying a sumptuous serving in Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria. Thank you, Nuvali.


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