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Mezza Norte moved to Trinoma’s open parking area

Mezza Norte's weekend schedule is for the convenience of families and residents of Quezon City, students, office workers, balikbayans and tourists
Mezza Norte's new location map. Strategically situated, as the Trinoma is the converging point in the heart of Quezon City

When Mezza Norte made the big move to Trinoma’s open parking at the corner ofMindanao Avenue and North Avenue, the weather in Quezon City registered the feverish reading of 36.4 degree Celsius hours before the official launching started that late afternoon. It was one of the hottest day in the year. Good thing, Trinoma is just a stone throw away from the open parking where you can recondition to cool off yourself inside the mall. 

I was told that most of the food stalls and vendors were set already in the Mezza Norte ground as early as 3:30 P.M. I got there few minutes after the sunset and the wind still blew warm. It was truly a warm welcome indeed.

What used to be at the UP-AyalaLand Technohub, Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City is now in the open parking of Trinoma mall. I did not hesitate accepting the organizer's invitation to witness the launching of Mezza Norte last May 3, 2013. Just like when I used to drop by at the Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) of Taguig City after a round of Sunday morning jog around the perimeter of BGC's High Street in 2011, I always expect to discover more about Pinoy food.

Meet the Sultry chef in sassy apron, Ms. Ivory Yat of Master Chef Philippines
I brought along with me my camera, pocket notebook and pen to document my finds. Good thing I have enough cash in my wallet for not just once that I failed to resist the urge to take home those foods prepared by the enterprising chefs. They really look sumptuous but actually very affordable and the servings are big for us typical Pinoys.  

Domz Food House comes with a glossary of Ilocano food they are serving to Mezza Norte foodies
I got roast beef from Chef Anton but was not able to take a close-up photograph. Guess why? When I held it closer, the smell hit my nostril that triggered my mouth to open wide..there went the roast.

The chef proudly presents his roasts and his attendant.

In one corner, Mark Gonzales of Grilled asked me what I like. I could not tell which among the array of barbecued street foods I would take. 

Mark Gonzales' grilled galore.  Bring your tropa here for a binge of authentic Pinoy street foods

Behind his stall is their busy grill station where most of the smoke in Mezza Norte came from, sending smoke signal to Mezza Norte's guests to come and have some. I end up with the chicharon butsi ng manok.

Chicharon butsi ng manok. I made sure nobody else could touch it when I get home. So I could have a close-up photo before it would disappear in seconds into my guts

All the stuffs are typically Pinoy pulutan in orange, yellow, and brown. The sight of authentic Pinoy street foods would long you to have a bottle or can of beer or softdrink (soda). Unfortunately, alcoholic beverage are not served here. But don't worry, Edgy's chilled bottled fresh fruit drinks are just around the tent.

Edgy's Drink (of Edgy's Food Trip) are freshly made and chilled. The choices are winter melon, strawberry, dalandan, melon, and buko-pandan juices.

You can have more chilled drinks displayed in towering tubes at the The Juice Bar. The ice-cold juice is poured through the tower-tube's faucet and served in disposable plastic glasses with cover and sipping straw.

The towering tubes of The Juice Bar

Or have a palamig (cold drinks) from Lariza's Native Juice, the kind we found in street corners in Metro Manila.

Lariza's Native Juices

Though there were free taste tests and complimentary samples, the food are too inviting and intriguing that I always end up asking the food attendant to pack a serving as "take out" so I could have it photographed back home. Guess what happened when I got home, my wife and kids devoured my take home goodies before I could tell them the first reason why I brought home those stuffs - they too failed to resist the urge to hurriedly eat the food from Mezza Norte. 

Meet the Sultry chef in sassy apron, Ms. Ivory Yat of Master Chef Philippines
The charm of Sultry chef caught my attention. Here you will find the sultry chef in sassy apron, Ms. Ivory Yat of Master Chef Philippines. Not just sultry but also sweet, hot and moist (should I tell you too about the food she serves, LOL!). Hers is yum-yum-yummy! (Yeah, I mean the stuffs she serves)

Moments before I stepped out of the Mezza Norte's tents, I took a good look around and saw diners and foodies freely go around.

There were lots of tables and chairs for those who like to stay to savor their finds, chat or express their bonding together through nice foods and drinks.        

The air remains warm with people, warm foods, and cold refreshing drinks and delectable desserts.  

My other finds are the following:

The Roasterrific's Peking-style roasted chicken, and herb-a-licious lechon, served with steamed/boiled  plain rice and special dipping sauces

Peking-style roasted chicken. photo credit to Roasterrific and Mercato Centrale
herb-a-licious lechon. Photo credit to Roasterrific and Mercato Centrale
special dipping sauces. Photo credit to Roasterrific and Mercato Centrale

The intriguing mocha ice cream balls of Mochiko with different flavors

mochi photos above are courtesy of and Mercato Centrale


Take note that "Good things come to those who wait." Thus, allowing the ice cream ball to thaw slightly will reward you the luscious taste.   

Spend your weekend with affordable nice foods at Mezza Norte. If you are from the south, you can take the MRT ride to Trinoma.From the north, take the bus ride withroute that goes through north EDSA. There are parking spaces at the Trinoma and SM North EDSA for those who would bring their cars.

Operating hours of Mezza Norte is from 4:00pm to 3:00am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is located at Trinoma’s Mindanao open parking at the corner of Mindanao Avenue and North Avenue.

“Mezza Norte complements Trinoma’s great shopping, dining and entertainment experience. We are also strategically located at the heart of Quezon City where we can best serve Northern Manila’s food enthusiasts,” said RJ Ledesma, co-founder of the Mercato Centrale Group. "We would love to bring the Mercato Centrale experience to different parts of the Philippines and become an integral part in promoting food tourism for the country," declared he.

Mezza Norte features an extensive selection of unique, mouth-watering and affordable goodies which include grilled foods, Pinoy street foods, sandwiches, burgers, rice meals, fruit shakes, dimsums, kebabs, tacos, ice creams, cakes, pastries and a whole lot more.

For those interested to become food vendors in Mezza Norte or any of Mercato Centrale Group’s food markets, please email or text (+63)9178401152.
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