Friday, December 2, 2016

Fly today - Arrive tomorrow (PALaging late na naman)

When I flew to Mindanao three weeks ago, I was late for about "10 minutes" to catch the PAL Express' closure of its boarding time for flight PR2530 bound for the Laguindingan Airport on my way to Cagayan de oro. I got late after I was entangled of almost 2-hour heavy traffic jam. While on my way to the airport, a heavy downpour suddenly occurred causing the flow of traffic to literally halt for more than an hour. What used to be a 10-minute ride unexpectedly became an almost 2-hour ride.

I was not reconsidered to board my 9:00 A.M. flight. I was told rather to rebook and was obliged pay P5,389.00 for the new plane ticket. I wondered why the check-in counter staff did not simply transfer me to the next flight to show goodwill considering that the situation was beyond my control and the plane was still around and pretty sure the passengers were still on the process of boarding the aircraft. Anyway, I paid for the ticket and waited long for the 2:20 P.M. next flight that was delayed eventually for about an hour.

After my trip to Bukidnon and Cagayan de oro City, I took again a PAL Express flight back to Manila.  This time I arrived at the Laguindingan Airport  2 hours earlier than my flight schedule. I was disappointed after an hour of idling in the airport that my flight would be delayed for more than "2 hours" due to the delayed arrival of turn-around aircraft from NAIA3.  PAL just apologized and gave each passenger a small bottled drinking water.
This is what we, the passengers, only got for waiting more than 2 hours our delayed PAL flight back to Manila (NAIA3). A small bottled water and PAL's piped-in informal apology.
See, PAL Express and I had the same reasons of being late: I was due to traffic but was told to re-buy (they should stop calling it "rebook") expensive ticket. They got late also because of traffic but gave they only gave a bottle of water and an apology. It was unfair and very disappointing.

I supposed to fly back to Manila at 9:55 PM but was reset to 11:05 PM, then to 11:55, and finally took off around 12:00 past midnight and landed on NAIA3 at 1:40 AM. I took a yellow cab and arrived home at 2:30AM. Thus, I flew the day before and arrive the next day.

So stressed. 

Very tired. 

Very hungry.

What a long trip back home.

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