Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finding the hidden Nozumi in the concrete jungle of Ortigas

We just discovered lately the Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining hidden in the concrete jungle of Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

Eunice Desiree Go Choa, the General Manager of Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining is hands-on in taking care of diners and other customers.  She can be contacted at  (0917)634-9005 and (0922)892-7442

Nozumi Japanese Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant located inside One Corporate Centre building at the very heart of the Ortigas Business District. Started out as the small humble restaurant within the building, Nozumi now has earned the confidence of the people when it comes to great tasting food. The name Nozumi/Nozomi originated from two characters which is 'nao' and 'mi', which means hope and great expectations –these are the words they aim to be associated with the restaurants reputation.

The place where you can find the Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining is at the 6th Floor of One Corporate Centre along the corner of Julia Vargas and Meralco Avenue in Ortigas Center, Pasig City

With every customer that comes into the restaurants, the team always makes sure they leave with a smile and full stomach. The Nozumi dining experience is what sets them apart. Relaxing ambiance, friendly service crew, and a very hands-on general manager is what keeps the customer coming back for more.  Just like what their regular customer always say, “Dining in Nozumi isn’t only about the great food, it’s about how they take care of us, and how they treat us. We always look forward dining there because when we go to Nozumi, everyone smiles at you and give you a warm welcome. You can say that everyone who goes there is treated like a VIP.”

Beef teriyaki(P220.00). The beef are thinly sliced, tender, sublty sweetish, and with juicy beef fats
Sweet crazy maki (P225.00). Strips of ripe mango, strands of crab meat, and sprinkle of fish roe laid over maki lined with green ice lettuce
Tofu steak (P175.00).  We liked these molds of crisp coated tofu. You have to bite it along with the toppings of saucy ground meat and leeks to experience the explosion of favors in your mouth. Otherwise, if you just eat the tofu separately, you will just have it completely bland. 
Ebi mango salad (P215.00). Shelled prawns in decorative greens, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, ripe mango, and dressing.

The humble Nozumi restaurant serves great Japanese foods, such as the favourite Sashimi, Sushi, Maki, Katsu, Teppanyaki and many more. Along with the usual Japanese dishes, they also serve some unique maki that you don’t see in every Japanese restaurant like Sweet Crazy Maki, Mexican Maki, Nozumi Baked Salmonand the best of all, Kakigori for the dessert lovers. The menu doesn’t end there, the culinary experts of Nozumi doesn’t stop from experimenting new mouth-watering dishes and desserts to level up the food choices for those with meticulous taste buds. Soon, more gastronomic dishes will be served like never seen before in Ortigas only by Nozumi Japanese Casual Dining.

Ebi tempura  ( 4 pieces P190.00, 6 pieces P280.00). Battered and deep-fried prawns.
Mexican maki (P230.00). A bit spicy maki garnished with cheesy taste and dust of ground chili.  You have to mouth the whole piece of garnished maki to completely savor and experience the explosion of Mexican flavor. Now the West meets East.
Green maki (P195.00). Green maki roll filled with two colors of raw salmon fish. Don't forget to sip the lemon wedges right before you chew the maki roll. It completes the ceviche taste in it.
Gyoza (3 pieces P60.00, 6 pieces P110.00). A savory pan-fried Japanese style dumplings.
Hiyashi ramen (P220.00). Japanese cold noodle salad

The past months have been a great transition for the restaurant. From being just a restaurant, now Nozumi offers their venue to be an events place for small functions like meetings, seminars, & gatherings. Nozumi has been the perfect venue for small gatherings or formal meetings because of its relaxing ambiance that makes everyone feels at home.

Nozumi bento with assortment of Japanese delicacies we sampled. A cup of hot tea was served that I have to sip in between to clean and ready my palate and throat the various flavors laid before me.

Nozumi is open from Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 amuntil 8:00 pm. Weekends are reserved for special events, and can be arranged by reservation.

With Eunice after the food show.

For inquiries, send it to:

email:    or
Landline:       (02) 310-5422 

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