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REEF’s fashion tech at Surf 7107-La Union documentary premier

Summer officially rolls in as Reef’s fashion collection featuring Swellular™ Technology debuts with a documentary on the Filipino surfing lifestyle.  With the travelling surfer in mind, Reef is presenting its latest men and women’s footwear collection highlighted by the special premier of Surf 7107.

Reef’s fashion collection
Reef’s fashion collection
The fashion show features Reef’s Rover Collection in head-to-toe outfits, reflective of Reef’s Just Passing Through mentality. Styles are relaxed yet cool, recalling laidback summers and great waves. The footwear highlights Reef Swellular™ Technology which is made up of three distinct layers.

Reef’s fashion collection
First is a super-soft, contoured Swellular foam deck for comfort, then a medium-density Swellular midsole for support and finally, Reef’s signature Swellular high-density rubber outsole.

“The Outsole is an example of Reef’s commitment to form and function, with tread patterns that mimic lines of ocean waves and ultimate comfort, support, traction, and versatility,” said Carlo Dionisio of Reef Philippines.

Reef was formed in the early 80’s by Argentinian brothers Fernando Aguerre and Santi Aguerre. Combining their strong entrepreneurial spirit with their passion for surfing, the brothers built Reef as the top sandal brand in La Jolla, California.

Thirst Quenching Technology (TQT)  has this bottle opener under the sole of its ridiculously comfortable slipper.

Their innovative sandal design, the Striped Smoothy, known for its bold stripes and comfortable foot bed, has become a classic and continues to be a top seller.

Today, Reef is a worldwide name in surfing that has grown beyond sandals. Reef has become an authentic surf brand offering men, women’s and kids’ innovative footwear and apparel.

“Reef is a core surf company. We create authentic, comfortable and innovative products intended to inspire the surfer in all of us,” said Carlo.

Watching the featured Surf 7107-La Union documentary produced by REEF
MOA's Sands where REEF surfaces its new fashion technology on surfing and the showing of  Su rf 7107-La Union documentary  
Surf 7107-La Union is a documentary produced by Reef that follows Filipino surfers in La Union. The positive impact of surfing in a small town where one of the country’s first surf schools was opened becomes evident. The community thrives as it grows into a tourist destination with surfing as the key attraction. There are job opportunities for surfing instructors as schools open, not to mention the related business generated from these activities.

We just pretend that we are on the sandy beach of San Juan, La Union while watching the Surf 7107-La Union documentary.
Surf 7107 is about surfing in the Philippines, and how much surfing has impacted lesser known places around the country, and has turned these places into booming and burgeoning surf destinations and tourist havens. The first of hopefully many documentaries, it starts in La Union where the first ever surf school in the country was born.

There is a market for surf brands out there, and it's getting bigger and bigger. Here's hoping that this Reef-produced documentary changes things, and brings Reef into the forefront as the leading surf brand out there.

The Surf 7107-La Union documentary.

“Reef is a surf brand that not only cares about surfing and the lifestyle that goes with it, but also cares about the communities it helps and touches through surfing competitions, events, and environmental activities. This is the call to action of this documentary produced and supported by Reef Philippines,” he added.

The organizers and production crew of the Surf 7107-La Union documentary.

REEF products are available at the following outlets:
·        G-Force Trinoma
·        G-Force SM Cebu
·        G-Force Ayala Cebu
·        G-Force Bonifacio Highstreet
·        G-Force Centrio Cagayan De Oro
·        G-Force Greenfields Sta. Rosa
·        G-Force Harbor Point Subic
·        G-Force Mall of Asia
·        G-Force Shang Ri-La
·        G-Force North Point Bacolod
·        G-Force Mactan Pueblo Verde
·        G-Force Abreeza Davao
·        G-Force Mega Mall
·        G-Force Marquee Mall Pampanga
·        G-Force Newport

Texts by:  Jingjing Romero of Stratos
Photos and captions by: Edgie Polistico
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