Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mercato Centrale's Fiesta Bahia now in SM by the Bay of MOA - another tourism food destination

San Miguel by the Bay is at the seaside of SM Mall of Asia (MOA). It is the venue of the latest food night market of Mercato Centrale in Metro Manila.
Last July 12, 2013, the organizers of Mercato Centrale group formally introduced their new night food market - the Fiesta Bahia.
The grand opening of Fiesta Bahia is formally introduced with the cutting of ribbon held at the open grounds of SM by the Bay on 12 July 2013 (Friday night).
Fiesta Bahia is another night food market in Metro Manila. It is regarded as the premier night food and lifestyle market that offers a new ‘food destination’ experience to the SM Mall of Asia By the Bay. It is where to sample the taste some of some of the popular dishes from the different regions in the country and some of the popular gourmet and artisanal food from the chefs and food vendors of other night markets previously installed elsewhere by the Mercato Centrale.

An effigy of the legendary giants from Angono City, Rizal are among those invited to come to Fiesta Bahia. The organizers did not worry a lot if ever the higantes would become very hungry from dancing around. Fiesta Bahia has plenty of food , more than enough for any starving giant.
Joining the Angono Higantes in entertainment the guests are the Ati-atihan drummers and dancers. 

San Miguel by the Bay is a nice place for tourists to visit or stay for a while, or to bring along your family, friends, or someone special. It is just beside the breezy shoreline of Manila Bay.

If the weather is fine, you could have a good glimpse of a beautiful sunset where the sun would gradually transform into a lovely reddish or yellow orange ball of light. Of course, the recent installation of Fiesta Bahia is one more reason why it is more fun to be at the SM by the Bay after sunset.

Click this image to enlarge and to find easily the exact location of Fiesta Bahia in MOA
Local singing artists would render live acoustic music while you enjoy eating your meal or while you are busy sampling the free taste at the Fiesta Bahia.

SM by the Bay offers no other beer but the San Miguel Beer products.  
On Fridays, the Mall of Asia (MOA) would set the weekend fireworks (usually at 7:00 pm).

One has to keep watch his own safety when the colorful pyrotechnic are blasting off in the air.  Burning embers would normally fly with the wind, blown away and may land on your skin. 

If ever you are the unfortunate one, immediately call the attention of the nearest SM security guards. They are quick to assist and bring you to the Mall Clinic for immediate medical assistance. 

MOA would attend immediately to any other injuries sustained by any mall goer and guest while in the vicinity of the mall. A number of registered nurses and rescue team are on stand by in the Mall clinic.

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