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Degustation at the Mega Fashion Hall (Mega Mall) 2

The following is continuation from Degustation at the Mega Fashion Hall (Mega Mall) 1.

Degustation food tour in the Mega Fashion Hall is one of the best food tours I joined in Metro Manila.  Though my food blogging interest is more focused on Pinoy foods and cuisine, I still need to experience foreign and non-traditional foods. This way, I could tell how our own smell, taste, desire and satisfaction differs or compliments to what they are serving.  Overall, Degustation was actually an international setting of sampling selected few gourmet foods.  I looked at it as another opportunity on how we can possibly join or improve and then put our own foods in the international scene.

Chez Karine Bakery of the Mega Fashion Hall in Mega Mall.  It is French patisserie inspired by Asian and American flavors. It could be your oven away from home.
We are not searching what are the best and which are not as degustation will always mean not a competition for me. If ever one has to decide what is best, it  would always  depend on individual preference and likes. If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; the best food is to the tongue and guts of the diner. I also believe that some tastes are acquired, and I'm acquiring more in this food tour.

This vanilla royal pudding is one of the classic flavors of  custard pudding offered by the Chez Karine Bakery. All flavors has dark caramel settling at the bottom. Stir them up, scoop up and savor fine taste.
The last store we toured in the ground floor was the Chez Kerine Bakery that offers freshly baked seasonal pastries daily using fresh, natural ingredients. It also offers high quality, specialty coffee and tea. A perfect meet up place or a place to sit around munching pastries and sipping warm beverage or satisfying all your sweet cravings 

For your order or queries, contact Chez Karine Bakery Mega Mall branch at +632-631-5766 or visit its website at or in its Facebook page. You can email also your orders at
The kids can't wait for their share of macaroons from Chez Karine Bakery.
We proceeded to the second floor of the Mega Fashion Hall wing of the Mega Mall and found those dainty pastries of Gigi Gaerlan's Custaroonery along the hallway. We had that wonderful buttery sweet filling.

Sumi Go of  The Purple Doll  trains her lens at sweet and dainty pastries of Custaroonery

A tray of Gigi Gaerlan's dainty custaroons, a combination of smooth and creamy flan topped with a chewy, buttery crust in regular 4-ounce muffin liners. The taste is extraordinary and the battery of buttery aftertaste lingered taste after taste   caption
A box of dainty custaroon

Custaroon poppers are bite-sized custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder.
The fulfilling taste is more than the prices. You wont regret grabbing a box of what Custarooney has on display in the shelve. Check its website or FB account  for more.

Then we moved to the adjacent Salon De Thé that served us their layered tea set with dainty pastries and meal for our  warm tea time.  The idea was to recondition again our guts for the main courses in the next upper floor.

Kenny Ngo of Life is Kulayful seems to be musing the fine tea set.
The upper tray of 2-layered tea set serving tray has this assortment of dainty pastries with a bottle of strawberry jam. 

The lower tray has breaded lollipop chicken, home-flavored fried potato wedges, chicken salad filled sandwich,  and mushroom flavored pizza-like pastry.
The tea set is P420 with your choice of tea.  We were served with blueberry & pomegranade flavored black tea
Then we moved up to the third floor of the Mega Fashion Hall for the main courses in five different restaurants. First, we went straight to the Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese themed restaurant where you can find the No. 1 gyoza in the world .

Osaka Ohsho is a Japanese chain of restaurants. It can be found in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Korea. This one in the photo is in Mega Fashion Hall of Mega Mall in Ortigas, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Fellow food blogger, Jill Bantang of The food scout sipping a refreshing chilled tea
Refreshing chilled tea is suave and is good for reconditioning your guts. Have it as your starter drink.
The rounded booth tables has an upholstered seats fitted with newspaper-printed leatherette.  
The place has a Japanese inspired designs. Typically minimalist that two adjacent tables are sharing obverse side of backrests.

Yes, at Osaka Ohsho, you will find the No. 1 gyoza in the world. Their kind of gyoza has a proprietary recipe of ground pork, ginger, garlic, and select Japanese spices. They serves it in three flavors: the cheese flavored gyoza (with two made cheeses), the nori flavored gyoza (with shredded nori), and the steamed original gyoza

For you to enjoy the gyoza, they have three kinds of sauces: their original gyoza soy sauce, the miso sauce, and the chili sauce

The number 1 gyoza in the world. It uses Japanese flour for the wrap, and is available in 3 flavors: cheese , nori, and original
Osaka Ohsho has three sauces: the original gyoza soy sauce (the middle bottle in the tray), the miso sauce (in ceramic small cream jar), and the chili sauce (in ceramic small black jar)
The miso sauce
The chili sauce

Sampling the gyoza are Sumi Go (with eyeglasses) of The Purple Doll and Berylle Kaye Hong (in pink tee) of Itsberyllicious.

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