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Tim Ho Wan opened its first branch in the Philippines

On May 20, 2014, the first branch of Tim Ho Wan in the Philippines opened its operation in the ground floor of Mega Fashion Hall of the Mega Mall.  Tim Ho Wan Philippines is the first franchise outside Hong Kong  next to Singapore. It had been relayed earlier in various media that Tim Ho Wan is coming to put up its flagship store in Mega Mall. There was a long line of customers outside waiting for their turn to be served that evening. It is expected that for several months, diners would line up on their way to the counter. 

By the way, Tim Ho Wan will not entertain "take-out", "to go", or "take home" orders.  You either have to take your order at the counter and eat there or leave. 

Tim Ho Wan Philippines is the first franchise outside Hong Kong  next to Singapore.
All the tables in the restaurant are all taken
Being popular in Hong Kong and Singapore, its opening in Mega Fashion Hall - Mega Mall was a big hit.  We could not have any space inside the restaurant. The tables in the restaurant were all taken by the excited customers that the management arranged us a row of few tables outside. There was a moment that we rubbed elbows with the snaking long line of qeueing customers of Tim Ho Wan along the corridor.

Hakaw dimsum with condiments.  Spinach dumpling with shrimp (Left), and prawn dumpling (right)
We were served with dimsums of ingredients all coming from the the capital branch, even the soy sauce and other condiments as well as the dumpling skins are all sourced abroad. It is the desire of Tim Ho Wan to maintain the original flavor and quality of foods they serve. Everything is sourced directly from its Central branch in Hong Kong.

What is amazing with the Tim Ho Wan Philippines being a Michellin-starred resto is that the foods are priced unbelievably low that it seems to be competing the local Chinese food chains and even lower compared to other Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila. 

Bak Chang or Ma Chang (glutinous rice in lotus leaf)
We were served a sample of Tim Ho Wan's Chinese machang (glutinous rice rolled in lotus leaf filled with dish). It was like puto malagkit  filled with stir-fried pork strips, sliced mushroom, and cutlet of Chinese sausage in brown sauce. 

We sampled also the delectable pork buns, freshly baked and still warm.  We were told to pick and eat it using only a hand to better savor and enjoy the filled pastry. 

Cheesy pork buns, a baked buns filled with pork barbecue in red sauce

The cheese-coated crust is crisp while the bun is soft inside and the saucy pork filling is lusciously warm. 

Barley water
A glass of cold barley water drained everything to our guts keeping us ready again for the next resto.

If you happen to be far from Mega Mall, don't pout.  The Tim Ho Wan Philippines is going to put up more branches around Metro Manila before the year ends. For sure, one of which will be in the Mall of Asia (MOA) of Pasay. I expect another one in Greenbelt or Ayala Center of Makati.  

Fellow food bloggers' orchestrated satisfaction? Their faces, bites, wiping tongues, and biting lips say it all 

Rudstin C.Estrellado of Paresatbp (The boy who fell asleep in the kitchen) sips warm jasmine tea. The best way to recondition the guts.

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