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Eat and Live Consciously at the Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table is owned and operated by the couple Juan Elizalde and Bianca Araneta. Here, Juan shared to us why they prefer to serve organic foods and how they sourced their ingredients to meet the expectations of health-conscious diners.

We have been recently in this cozy Wholesome Table, a restaurant in Bonifacio High Street Central of BGC, Taguig City and were glad to have their serving of good food in that cozy ambiance. 

The place is quite enough for groups of diners. Tables are more often occupied that dining here at peak hours will have you to wait a time for your turn to be served. Reservation may take you also for a while if the time you picked is at peak hours.  Anyway, The Wholesome Table told us that it is also happy to serve you "to go" foods if you prefer to bring and eat them somewhere else at your comfort.
The food were not just good and tasty but healthy as well. It's an organic restaurant  that serves food which are gluten free, low carb, vegetarian, no fructose, and sugar free.  

The Wholesome Table is a full-menu organic restaurant. It does not serve only organic veggies and salads, but you can have also the pastas, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, appetizers, soups, juices, beverages, smoothies, other drinks and meals all made and flavored with organic ingredients.  

All drinks are made without sugar in it. They are either sweetened with dates or honey, except for one particular coffee concoction that calls for sugar in it.

We savored and enjoyed a sample serving of  Enlightened Bowl (right), Barcelona Pizza (middle), and the organic mushroom fritter (right), in bite-sizes (big-bite sizes, I suppose)

There are more about for those who are health-conscious and picky when it comes to their food at the price the same from other nice restaurants in the Metro or even less. The Wholesome Table is a great place for the health conscious diners.

The Barcelona Pizza with all-organic toppings of tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes, mushroom, sausage, etc.
The Enlightened Bowl is the original creation of Bianca. It has lots of veggies, tufo, seeds of green beans, and organic brown rice.  A complete vegan meal.

The foods are made of fresh ingredients, nothing is from canned or boxed food products. 

Everything is fresh. 

To have a healthier choice is the reason why the Wholesome Table is always making it sure that the food it serves is fit for your health, best described as diner's "comfort food" according to Juan Elizalde, husband of Bianca Araneta, the couple who owns and operates the Wholesome Table. 

Glasses of green Mojito made with spirulina, morela and garnished with a piece of mintherb leaf. It's a superfood with refreshing menthol aftertaste effect that soothes down in your throat. Superfood, because it is detoxifying with the morela pulling out heavy metals in you body.
The recipes for meals and drinks in this organic restaurant are the creations of Bianca. The couple designed the concept of their restaurant, a lifestyle they would like to introduce to other people. It is also their passion to help educate diners to be conscious about what they eat and that Wholesome Table can offer foods that are fit for one's health.   

Bottled organic drinks and some ready-to-take superfoods are sold on-display on the shelves in the restaurant. Superfoods are also integrated in some of the drinks.

It feels greater to realize that dining at the Wholesome Table is sort of supporting our local farmers as the Wholesome Table is sourcing their food ingredients from our local farmers. The food are wholesome and you eat like a hero.

The Wholesome Table is best for a group of diners who want fine dining of healthy foods. Your love ones or barkadas will surely enjoy to degustate  foods with assurance of staying fit. You can feel that satisfying fullness in your tummy without the heaviness of the food.
Food at the price the same from other nice restaurants in the Metro or even less. Bianca put so much personal touch in the setting from creating the recipes to the menu written in her own handwriting.


Drinks, beverages, and refreshments that nourish your body and would even help you protect from health radicals.

The menu is coded with symbol and acronyms for vegan or vegetarian foods, gluten-free (GF), and not-free (NF) for people with specific food diet or food restrictions.
Some manifestations of the Wholesome Table are highlight about how they procure the ingredients, their way of cooking,  and the assurance that the food they served are safe and healthy. Dining here is like you are eating for a cause to support our local farmers. 
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