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Village Tavern's first branch outside United States is at Bonifacio High Street Central in BGC

Margette stays forever young at 47 and tries Flank Steak and roasted Bulalo with much gusto.
The Village Tavern, which you can find in the upper floor of Building C3 in the heart of Bonifacio High Street Central in Bonifacio Global Center (BGC), Taguig City is not a local version of dining classic American or western foods.  It is actually the first branch of North Carolina's Tavern Village outside the United States.

The Bonifacio High Street BGC Branch of The Village Tavern is at the second floor of Building C3 in Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global Center (BGC), Taguig City

Village Tavern, a North Carolina-based restaurant has 10 branches in the United States mostly on the east coast side. A branch has been put up recently in the Bonifacio High Street BGC Branch with the recommendation and collaboration of a talented Filipina chef, Mary Grace Viado. She is another reason we should be proud of being Pinoys. She went to the United States to study culinary, and she was trained in the Culinary Institute of America, then became a scholar of a Michelin-starred restaurant  in New York before she became the Corporate Chef for the Village Tavern International.

The Village Tavern presented to us its featured dishes for this near-Yuletide season with the help of Chef Josh Boutwood, the Corporate Chef in the Philippines for the Bistro Group.

The first set of dish presented to us by Mr. Ronniell Abruham Dumlao, the General Manager of Tavern Village BGC Branch is the roasted bone marrow served with their own sourdough beer bread and parsley with capers seasoned with herb salt and pepper

An actual serving of roasted bone marrow on flatbed with sourdough beer bread, parsley, capers, and coarse herb salt with pepper blend.
The roasted marrow is garnished with confit garlic. It has to be eaten like a paté. The marrow is scraped with a spatula or spoon then spread on sliced sourdough beer bread and topped with a leafy twig of parsley and capers

Mr. Dumlao with Ms. Roda Grace Patricio-Adriano, the Marketing Manager of The Bistro Group featuring the roasted bone marrow dish and provide us instruction on how to dine with it.

The Villlage Tavern gave us also the chance to sample its own Flank Steak of certified Angus beef. A dish that would make a good pair for your TexMex cocktails or in the Sangria Weekend Party of  this Tavern Village branch or any of those wines in the wine bar inside the restaurant. 

The Village Tavern's Flank Steak of certified Angus beef paired with garlic-mashed potato and tossed with stir-fried green French beans. It's tender and tasty juicy.
Mr. Ronniell Abruham Dumlao, the General Manager of Tavern Village in BGC, checks a plated Flank Steak before serving.
Chef Josh Boutwood made some elevated twists on some of what supposed to be classic western  dishes, like what he did to the black pizza wherein he used squid ink to darken the dough, a method already used in Cavite when they cook their black noodle dish called pancit choko en su tinta or simply known as the pancit pusit in Tagalog. 

The Black Pizza by Chef Josh Boutwood, the Corporate Chef in the Philippines for the Bistro Group. He was inspired to make one after the charcoal pizza of Europe where he was raised.  So as to simulate the black color in the pizza dough, Chef  Boutwood infused squid ink in the dough. The pizza is then garnished with different cheeses, Angus beef, pepperoni and topped with red and green bell-pepper and then baked.
These glasses of lemon iced tea capped our sumptuous meal
Our group of selected few food bloggers are very much excited to savor the sinfully cholesterol-laden bone marrow dish, exactly the contrast to the healthy foods we just had few minutes earlier in our first stop of the BHS food crawl.  I love the black pizza and the flank steak. I want to have more of these.  
The bar inside the Village Tavern where you can take a shot of your choice of imported wines to match with the three dishes I featured in this post.
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